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Built in 1907, New Suffolk School educates children in New Suffolk from grades Pre-K through 6.  Within the school’s three classrooms, under the guidance of three full-time teachers, students study the general subjects of English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science.  Also offered through part-time teachers are enrichment classes in Physical Education, Music, Art and Drama. 

Annual New Suffolk Beach Cleanup

Every year our school participates in the American Littoral Society's beach cleanup. While collecting garbage found on the beach, the students analyze it and record their findings. The data is then sent to the Society to be incorporated into their study.



2014 Trustees Annual Report & 2014-2015 Budget

Dear New Suffolk Resident,

We are completing a year that has seen significant progress at our school. To us progress is all about getting better, being better and doing better. It is a goal for which we continually strive. This year our progress took the form of a new instructional structure that was introduced into the upper (3-6) grades. Instead of the traditional classroom pattern in which one teacher teaches all subjects to those in her class, we now employ a more specialized model in which the teachers, utilizing their individual strengths, specialize in specific subjects and the students move among classrooms for their classes, the system typically found in middle and high schools. Both students and faculty alike are enthusiastic over this new approach, the educational benefits of which are now being realized.


Click here to download a copy of the 2014-2015 budget.

Click here to download a copy of the 2014 Trustees Annual Report

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