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Built in 1907, New Suffolk School educates children in New Suffolk from grades Pre-K through 6.  Within the school’s three classrooms, under the guidance of outstanding teachers, students study the general subjects of English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science. Also offered through part-time teachers are enrichment classes in Physical Education, Music, Art and Drama. 

Guided Reading with the Intermediate Crew

Mrs. Campbell's intermediate class, joined our primary class for a paired guided reading lesson.  Each intermediate student paired with a primary student to read the leveled reader Hatching Eggs.  Their objective was to work together to be able to answer the focus question that is asked at the beginning of the story. 

Focus : What are the steps to hatching eggs? 

After reading, each group discussed  the steps in the order they occurred.   We then came together as a class, to do an interactive writing, where each group came up to write the steps they read in the book. 

We had an AMAZING morning together! 



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