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Built in 1907, New Suffolk School educates children in New Suffolk from grades Pre-K through 6.  Within the school’s three classrooms, under the guidance of outstanding teachers, students study the general subjects of English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science. Also offered through part-time teachers are enrichment classes in Physical Education, Music, Art and Drama. 

Adding Sound Effects to iMovie for iPad

Recently I received the following question from a parent:

"My daughter is showing a lot of interest in making little montages Using iMovie and I want to help her learn the process. The trouble is that we can't seem to download anything from sound effects websites to use in iMovie. I assume the system is locked from doing so. What do you suggest?"

I love getting questions like this! It means the students are using their iPads outside of the classroom to be creators. It also highlights the new skills that our students are able to learn because of this technology.

Now to answer the question of how to get additional sound effects onto the iPad. There are a few ways to go about this, but I think the easiest and most reliable way is to sync them from iTunes. By creating a playlist, you can sync a collection of sound effects that you can add to iMovie from the Playlists section of the Audio tab.

(One small thing to keep in mind, is that iMovie will only play 3 sounds in addition to the audio from your video.)

Tools for Online Safety

As children begin using devices at younger and younger ages, it is important to understand the options available for making sure the internet is a safe place for young users to browse. At New Suffolk School we have an on-site content filter that keeps students from accessing inappropriate content when in the building. In this post we are going to highlight some of the options parents have to secure their internet and devices at home


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App Suggestion #1

Since the students and teachers are just getting started with their iPads I thought that I would take this chance to make a suggestion for an app that I've heard both students and teachers are using on their own devices.


Duolingo on the iPad

Duolingo on the iPad

Duolingo is a great free app and service for learning a foreign language. You signup with their service, pick the language you'd like to learn and then start learning. The iPad app is great and uses a series of levels with audio and visual aids to help you learn the language. The audio is a very helpful feature, since pronunciation can be very important with certain words.

You can take a look at Duolingo over at their website and you can find their app on the App Store.

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